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Amber's Bio

Amber was born in Oklahoma, and was raised between Oklahoma and Arkansas.  She grew up immersed in nature, and had a lead role in raising her younger siblings.  This helped develop empathy, compassion, and adventurous spirit, and a love for teaching.  She knew as a kid that she would teach someday.  Suffering migraines almost daily growing up, she started doing self massage for relief.  Through this journey of self healing she was also able to massage her mother and other members  of her family.  This led to the realization thath she could teach people how to heal themselves through massage.

Amber is a mother to six wonderful kids, three daughters and three sons, that she raises with her husband, Trey.  She is passionate about raising her family to also be lovers of natures as well as fosters theirs gifts of nurturing, she loves homeschooling, music, hiking, and cooking healthy meals.  She is elevated knowing there is a growing community of people who are aware that they have the choice of freedom, in their aspect of their lives.  Amber believes we all possess the gift of healer in some form and feels blessed to be able to know how she may share her energy with the world.

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