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Root Chakra Juice Cleanse


Juicing is a fantastic way to make sure that you are getting vibrant, nutrient rich food in daily!

We (Trey) decided to focus on the Root Chakra with tonight's juice!

The Root Chakra mantra is I Have

The Element is Earth

The Color is Red

Location is base of spine, perineum

Spiritual Connection is Survival, birth, safety, grounding, stability

This juice featured:

2 Beets

2 Radishes

1 bunch Dino Kale

6 Carrots

1 Lemon

2 inches Ginger

1 and 1/2 Apples

1 Pear

It tasted of the earth and was the perfect blend of flavor!

Tip: If you have an aversion to strong juices, you can use them as a base for a smoothie, by adding the juice to your favorite milk and protein powder!!

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